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« With Or Without You » Pack

A la carte formula. You choose what you need.


You already have a few service providers, but you would like some help with the next step?

We will open our address book and suggest the right service providers for you. For those who already have an idea of what their most beautiful day will look like but who feel overwhelmed by the rest of the preparations. Depending on your project, your budget and the theme, we will propose a selection of hand-picked service providers. On the big day, we are also there to coordinate your entire day.


The À LA CARTE formula includes :


- AN INITIAL CONSULTATION with you to assess the progress of the organisation.

- SET UP OF SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS after acceptance of the provisional estimate.


« With Or Without You » Pack

Location & Contact details

Phone. : 06-27-73-08-79  /  07-84-97-41-52

E-mail :

Location : At your convenience

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